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The 2018 Genetic Counseling Admissions Match

Things to Know

    Information and instructions to help programs prepare and submit their Rank Order Lists for the Match will be posted by March 22, 2018.

Key Dates

NMS Match System Opens For Rankings March 29, 2018
Rank Order List Deadline April 13, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET


The Match Algorithm is designed such that it cannot be gamed or manipulated.

The only strategy is to rank your choices in order of your true preferences, without considering how you expect to be ranked by any applicant.

Rank all applicants that would be acceptable. Submitting a longer list of applicants may reduce your chances of being left with unfilled positions.

Do not rank any applicant that you consider unacceptable (i.e., you would not want to be matched to that applicant, even if you may not fill a position). You can only be matched to applicants that appear on your Rank Order List.



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