Algorithm & Rankings

Algorithm & Rankings

How the Algorithm Works

  • How does the Match algorithm work?

    The matching algorithm uses the preferences stated on the applicant Rank Order Lists, the program Rank Order Lists, and the number of available positions at each track to find the best possible outcome.

    The algorithm starts with an attempt to place an applicant into the track that is most preferred on the applicant's list. Each applicant's Rank Order List is traversed "downwards", from most preferred track to least preferred, until the first track is reached at which the applicant can be tentatively matched, or until the applicant's list of choices is exhausted. Each track accepts applicants "upwards" on its Rank Order List, continually removing less preferred matches in favor of more preferred applicants, until the track is matched to the most preferred applicants who wish to be matched to the track.

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Ranking Strategy

  • What is the best strategy for ranking?

    In order to get your best possible result, you should rank your choices in order of your true preferences. Rank all applicants that you would be willing to accept. Do not rank any applicant that you would not want to be matched to your program under any circumstances.

    The algorithm is specifically designed to give each participant their best result if they rank their choices in order of true preference. Using any other strategy may cause you to get a worse result for your program. If you decide to order your preferences in another way (e.g., by how highly you think the applicant will rank your program), you may not get the best possible result for your program.

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