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The 2019 Genetic Counseling Admissions Match

Things to Know

  1. You must register for the Match in order for your applications to be considered by participating programs.
  2. You should check with each program directly about its application requirements and procedures as each program has its own processes and deadlines.

Sending Applications

Applications are submitted to programs independently of the Match. For information on application requirements and procedures, you must contact each program directly.


All interviews should be completed before the Rank Order List deadline date (April 16, 2019).

There are rules on the type of information that can be shared during interviews. A program may voluntarily inform an applicant as to whether or not it intends to rank the applicant. Similarly, an applicant may voluntarily inform a program as to whether or not they intend to rank the program. However, neither the program nor applicant may ask or prompt the other side for this information.

Furthermore, neither applicants nor programs may disclose information about rank positioning. For example, it is prohibited to make statements like "I will rank you first" or "You are at the top of my list".

Programs that offer more than one track are expected to ask applicants which track(s) the applicants are interested in, and may indicate the track(s) for which the applicants may be considered. However, programs may not solicit information about the position of any track on any applicant's Rank Order List.

Applying to Non-Match Programs

While it is expected that most programs will participate in the Match, some programs may choose not to participate.

If you apply to both participating and non-participating programs, you will have to decide prior to the Rank Order List deadline whether to accept a position outside of the Match or to participate in the Match. Only programs that are participating in the Match can be included on your Rank Order List.

If you accept a position at a program that is not participating in the Match, you must withdraw from the Match.

If you certify a Rank Order List of participating programs and you do not withdraw prior to the Rank Order List deadline, your rankings will be used in the Match. If you are matched to a program, you must accept the position with which you are matched. If you refuse to accept the Match result, your actions may be reported to the AGCPD and penalties may be imposed as outlined in the Applicant Agreement.

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