Matching Program Features

Flexibility, customization, data, tools - we've got you covered

We have a full suite of tools
to provide end-to-end program delivery.
Program Design

Rules and Policies

Set the rules and policies, own your data - maintain complete control over the recruitment process.

Stakeholder Education

Custom web site, education material, instructions, webinars, and communications - bring all applicants, recruiters and stakeholders into the process.

Customized SaaS

Modules for participant registration, fee collection, directories, application integration, rankings, results delivery, statistics - all hosted within a secure, customizable, online platform.

Customer Support

All your questions are answered with live-person customer support including 24x7 support around key deadlines.

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Rank Your Placement Choices

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True Preferences

Rank all choices according to your true preference - no strategic gaming or manipulation.

Diversity Requirements

Recruiters can specify a desired mix of applicants with different characteristics.


Applicants can participate as part of a couple to accommodate preferences for co-location.

Multiple Program Models

Recruiters can specify multiple program types and move unfilled positions seamlessly between types.

Rankings Data

Gain the critical link between application and outcome data - better understand participant decision making and competitiveness.

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Matching Process

Roth-Peranson Algorithm

Place applicants into positions based solely on individual preferences. Everyone gets their best possible result, guaranteed by a Nobel Prize recognized and academically proven algorithm.

Data Validation and Error Checking

We identify the issues before they become problems - no one falls through the cracks.

Chained Assignments

Link placements so there can be simultaneous matches to different positions in subsequent years.

Group Limits

Recruiters can limit the number of placements from a specified group (e.g., international applicants).

Get Your Result

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Simultaneous Results Reporting

Results are released to all participants at the same time.

Post-Match Clearinghouse

Multiple rounds of Match and online tools help facilitate the filling of any positions that remain available.

Data and Statistics

Extract value added data to enhance planning and recruitment processes.

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