• Do all residencies use NMS Interview?

    Residencies may choose any method appropriate to conduct interviews, this may or may not include the use of NMS Interview. It is your responsibility to manage all interviews between your self and residencies including those scheduled using NMS Interview in a timely manner prior to the Rank Order List deadlines.

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  • What should I do if I did not get any interviews?

    If you did not obtain any interviews and are not going to submit any rankings of programs, you should withdraw from the Match. Applicants who withdraw are still able to access information regarding unfilled positions after the Match.

    Note: If you do not submit any rankings for Phase I but you do plan to participate in Phase II of the Match, you should not withdraw from Phase I.

    When you withdraw, you will be required to select a reason for the withdrawal. One of the options will enable you to indicate that you are withdrawing because you have no programs to rank (for example, because you received no interviews), but you are still interested in seeking a residency position in the Post-Match. If you select this option, you will be included in the list of unmatched applicants provided to programs with positions available after the Match. If you select any other reason for the withdrawal, you will be excluded from the list of unmatched applicants who may be seeking a position.

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