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The 2018 ASHP Match

Summary Results of the Match for Positions Beginning in 2016 Combined Phase I and Phase II

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NOTE: These statistics pertain to the matching process only, and therefore exclude 319 PGY2 applicants who obtained positions through the Early Commitment Process


  PGY1 PGY2 Total
Applicants Enrolled in the Match

5741 1073 6814
Applicants Who Withdrew or Did Not Return Any Rankings

877 208 1085
Applicants Participating in the Match 4864 865 5729


  PGY1 PGY2 Total
Applicants Matched

3309 644 3953
Participating Applicants Not Matched

1556 220 1776
Applicant Match Rate

68% 75% 69%

Match Results By Year of Graduation Matched Unmatched Total
PGY1 Applicants: 2016 Graduates 3155 1345 4500
  Pre-2016 Graduates 154 211 365
PGY2 Applicants: 2015 Graduates 597 186 783
  Pre-2015 Graduates 47 34 81
*   One PGY2 applicant matched to a PGY1&2 program and so is counted in this section as a PGY1 applicant.

One PGY1 applicant matched in Phase I but was released from the Match commitment by ASHP and participated in Phase II. The Phase I match of this applicant is excluded in these counts.

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