List of Registered Students

The 2020 ASHP Match

Access the List

In January, school contacts are sent personalized login credentials and instructions for accessing the NMS Match System. If you do not receive your login credentials by January 15, 2020, please contact NMS.

Log in to the NMS Match System to access the List of Registered Students from your school.

The List of Registered Students for the 2020 Match cycle is no longer available.

Content of the List

The List of Registered Students provides the names and graduation dates of current and former students from your school who have registered to participate in the Match for residency positions beginning in 2020. The list also indicates whether each student is applying for programs that start training in PGY1 or PGY2. The list is updated regularly as additional students register for the Match.

Students who have withdrawn from the Match are included in the list but are flagged as withdrawn. Please note that students may change this status and decide to participate in the Match at any time until the Rank Order List deadline. If you have any questions concerning the status of a student in the Match you should contact the student directly.

  • Making Corrections to the List

    If any of the information shown in the list for a student is incorrect, please contact the student and ask that they update their information in the PhORCAS/Match registration portal.

    Do not correct graduation dates that are off by only one or two months, e.g., May/June. Also, do not notify us about name changes, such as married names, as the names listed are those provided to us directly by the students.

    If any student included in the list will not be eligible for a residency position in 2020, contact the student and ensure the student withdraws from the Match in the NMS Match System prior to the Rank Order List deadline.

    If expected students are missing from the list, contact the students and encourage them to register for the Match as soon as possible.

    If any student included in the list is not from your school, contact NMS and identify the student whose school is incorrect.

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