Multiple List User Guide

The 2024 APPCN Match

Before You Start

The basic process for submitting Multiple Lists is as follows:

  1. Decide how many Lists you need to satisfy your requirements.
  2. Designate how many positions are to be allocated to each List. The sum of the number of positions allocated to each List must equal the number of positions to be filled in the program as a whole as shown on the program Dashboard.
  3. Enter and certify the rankings for each List by the Rank Order List Deadline, February 14, 2024.

If you have questions about submitting Multiple Lists contact NMS.

Set Up Your Multiple Lists

Step 1

 Log into the NMS Match System and select the Rankings option from the menu.

Step 2

Select the Set Up Multiple Lists link. This link is only shown if you have no rankings entered on your program Rank Order List.

access multiple rank order list

Step 3

Select how many Lists (i.e., groups of applicants) you require.

select number of multiple lists

Step 4

Each List is assigned an alphabetic identifier (e.g., A, B, C, etc.) to distinguish your Lists within the NMS Match System. The list identifier also imputes an alphabetic priority to the List if you intend to rank the same applicant on more than one List, but does not affect the Match in any other way.

Enter a short descriptive label and allocate positions for each List, then press Submit.

Multiple list page to set: labels and positions

  • Labels: The label should be a short descriptor (one or two words) that will help you organize and distinguish between your Lists. The label is for your use only. It will not be displayed to applicants, nor will it be used in Match results reporting. It is best to keep the label short.
  • Positions: You must set the number of positions to be allocated to each List. The number of positions entered here is the number before any reversions to or from the List. The sum of the number of positions to be filled in each List must equal the total number of positions to be filled by the program as a whole.

Ensure your setup and List priority (e.g., A, B, etc.) are correct before entering rankings for any List. If you need to change the alphabetic priority of a List, you will need to delete Lists and start again.

Your Multiple List setup must also be entered correctly before you set up any reversions of unfilled positions to or from any of your Lists.

Changing Your Multiple List Setup

You can change the setup of your Multiple Lists by choosing the Change Multiple List Setup link from the Rankings page.

Change Multiple List Setup button

  • Add a List

    Select the + Add Another List link at the bottom of the Multiple List Setup page.

    Add another list button

    Enter a label for the new List and press Submit.

    Enter another list/category and submit

    The List will be added with the lowest priority (e.g., if you previously had Lists A, B, and C, the new List would be added as List D). If you wish to assign a higher priority to the new List, you will have to delete the Lists and set them up again in the desired sequence.

    You must allocate positions to the new List.

  • Delete a List

    If you have more than two Lists, you can delete a List by selecting the delete checkbox to the right of the List and pressing Submit.

    Please note that deleting a List will also delete any rankings previously entered for that List.

    You cannot delete List A or B, as the minimum number of Multiple Lists for a program is two. Only Lists C and lower (e.g., D, E, etc.) may be deleted. If you need to change the priority of List A or B, you must delete all Lists and set them up again.

    If you delete a List, the list identifiers of any Lists with lower priority will be reassigned accordingly. For example, if you delete List C, then List D will become List C, List E will become List D, and so on.

    You cannot delete any List that is included as part of a reversion. You must delete any reversion involving the List before the List can be deleted.

    Edit page, with delete checkbox
  • Delete All Multiple Lists / Reset to Single List

    Select the Change Multiple List Setup link. On the Multiple List Setup page press the Delete All Lists button at the bottom of the page. This will delete all Lists and rankings that have been entered for the program. You will then have to set up Multiple Lists again, or enter a single Rank Order List for the program.

    Edit page, with delete all lists button

Enter and Certify the Rankings for Each List

From the Rankings page, select the Edit Ranks button for the List for which you will enter rankings.

Main dashboard for Multiple Lists

The instructions for entering and certifying a Rank Order List for each Multiple List are the same as for programs with a single list.

Every List must be CERTIFIED separately in order for any of the programs's rankings to be used in the Match.

You will receive a confirmation email only when ALL of your Lists for the program are certified.

Main dashboard for Multiple lists highlighting certified status

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