Applications & Interviews


  • How do I get applications?

    Participating in the APPCN Match does not change your application procedures. You are free to accept applications and evaluate applicants in any manner you like.


  • Can I tell an applicant that our residency site will rank them?

    According to the rules of the Match, programs must not request that an applicant state how the applicant intends to rank any program and applicants must not communicate their ranking intentions to programs.

    The communication of a program's ranking intentions to an applicant is not permitted, except under very specific circumstances as provided for in the APPCN Match Policies. In particular, an applicant who receives a preemptive offer from a program that is not participating in the Match may inform a participating program about that offer; if the participating program intends to rank the applicant in a manner that will guarantee a match, the program may so inform the applicant (please refer to the APPCN Match Policy #4 for complete details).

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