Applicants Help - Register Issues

The 2019 APPCN Match

Can I get a refund of my registration fee?

No. The applicant registration fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and irrevocable. This is outlined in the Applicant Agreement and on the payment page which is shown to all applicants prior to registering for the Match.

How do I find and use my Match Code Number?

Your Match Code Number is shown in the NMS Match System:

  • Log in to the NMS Match System
  • Select the Profile section on the Dashboard
  • Your Code Number will be found at the top of the page

It is recommended that you provide your applicant Code Number to all the programs to which you apply. Your Code Number uniquely identifies you in the Match. Programs can use this Code Number to search for you in the NMS Match System when they are preparing or entering their Rank Order Lists.

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