Access the List of Students for Your School

The list of students from a school is accessible only to osteopathic schools. If you are from an institution or program that is offering positions in the Match, please review the section on viewing Registered Applicants.

You must log in to the NMS Match System to view the list of students from your school.

Information About the List

The list for your school is separated into two groups:

  • Registered students (includes current seniors and any previous graduates)
  • Current seniors who have not yet registered to participate in the Match

The lists are updated in real-time, as additional students register for the Match. Students may register to participate in the Match until the deadline date for submission of Rank Order Lists (January 19, 2018).

Students who registered to participate in the Match but have subsequently withdrawn are included in the list of registered students, but are shown as "Withdrawn". Please note that withdrawn students may change their status and decide to participate in the Match at any time until the Rank Order List deadline. If you have any questions concerning the status of a student in the Match you should contact the student directly.

If any information shown in the list for your school is incorrect, such as a student who is not from your school, please notify NMS in writing of any changes required by e-mailing or faxing the corrected information to NMS. Please do not notify NMS of minor changes in graduation date, such as a difference of one or two months within the same year (e.g., May vs. June). Also, do not notify NMS of name changes for registered students, such as married names, as the names listed are those provided to us directly by the students. If any student who you expected to register for the Match is not shown as registered in the list, contact the student and encourage the student to register for the Match as soon as possible.