AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program

for Positions Beginning in 2018

Institution and Program Registration


To be eligible to register for and participate in the AOA Match, an internship or residency program must be currently accredited by the AOA. Programs accredited only by the ACGME are not eligible to participate in the AOA Match, even if they have gained osteopathic recognition from the ACGME.

Only those programs that meet one of the following conditions may participate in the 2018 AOA Match:

  • The trainees can complete their training by June 30, 2020, or
  • If the trainee will complete their training after June 30, 2020, the program must have applied for ACGME accreditation by the date listed in the AOA’s Section X Program Deadlines Chart. Programs that missed their January 1, 2017 deadline cannot register for the AOA Match until their ACGME application has been submitted.

AOA-accredited fellowship or sub-specialty programs do not participate in the AOA Match.

Registration E-mail

The AOA provides information to NMS on all institutions and programs that are eligible to register for the Match. Based on that information, NMS prepares a personalized registration e-mail for each institution.

The registration e-mail is sent to the Director of Medical Education (DME) of the institution in July, 2017. The DME at each institution is responsible for registering the institution and its programs for the Match, and for all communications between the institution and NMS concerning the Match. If your institution and program(s) are expecting to participate in the 2018 AOA Match but you do not receive your institution's registration e-mail by July 15, please contact NMS.

If your institution will not be offering any positions in the 2018 AOA Match, the DME should use the appropriate link in the registration e-mail to notify NMS that the institution will not be participating in the 2018 AOA Match.

Online Registration Process

In order to register an institution and its program(s) to participate in the 2018 Match, the DME must initiate the process by clicking on the unique link provided in the registration e-mail. The steps involved in the online registration process include:

  • Set up an account in the NMS Match System. Please note that account information is not carried over from previous years. Each DME will need to set up a new account when registering their institution for the 2018 Match.
  • Confirm and/or update institution and program information for the 2018 Match. All programs that the AOA has indicated are eligible to register for the Match are pre-populated in the registration system. The best estimate of the number of positions to be offered in each program must be provided (the number of positions can be modified any time until the Rank Order List deadline). Programs that are not offering positions to applicants in 2018 should be deleted. If you wish to add a program into the Match that does not appear in the NMS Match System, you must complete the Add New Program form and return it to NMS.
  • Accept the Terms of Institution Participation.

If communciations pertaining to the Match should be sent to someone other then the DME, the e-mail address in the system can be changed after the registration process has been completed by the DME.

For more information, please consult the Institution Registration Instructions.


Once the online registration process is complete, the DME will receive a confirmation by e-mail. The confirmation will include the Code Number(s) and program description(s) for each program registered for the Match. You should provide the program Code Number(s) to each of your applicants as the Code Number(s) uniquely identify your program(s) in the Match.