AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program

for Positions Beginning in 2018

Prepare Your Rankings of Applicants

Verify Program(s) and Position(s) Offered by Your Institution

Log in to the NMS Match System to verify that the program(s) and position(s) being offered by your institution in the Match are correct.  Read more.


Your best strategy is to rank your applicants in order of your true preferences, without consideration for how the program will be ranked by any applicant. Regardless of the number of applicants you rank, each program will be matched with the most preferred applicant(s) on its list who have ranked that program and who are not matched with programs they prefer.  Read more.

Programs With No Applicants to Rank

If the program has position(s) available that you would like to fill, but you have no acceptable applicants to rank for the program, you should use the NMS Match System to certify a Rank Order List with no applicants.   Read more.

Submitting Multiple Rank Order Lists for One Program

Some programs may have special requirements that can only be satisfied by submitting more than one Rank Order List for a single program. To accomplish this, a program must divide the program's available positions into separate categories, designate how many positions are to be allocated to each category, and submit separate Rank Order Lists for each category of position.  Read more.

Reverting Unfilled Positions

It is possible within the matching algorithm to move one or more positions that remain unfilled from one Rank Order List to a second list, so that an attempt can be made to fill the available position(s) with applicants on the second list. This is referred to as "reverting" unfilled positions from one list (the "Donor") to another list (the "Receiver").  Read more.

Applicant Code Numbers

Each applicant has been assigned a unique 6-digit Match Code Number that should be used to identify the applicant on your Rank Order List(s). Check that all applicants your institution intends to rank are in the List of Registered Applicants.  Read more.

Enter and Certify Rank Order Lists

Rank Order Lists or withdrawals must be submitted to NMS using the NMS Match System by 11:59 p.m. ET on January 19, 2018. Rank Order Lists must be certified in order to be used in the Match.  Read more.