AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program

for Positions Beginning in 2018

List of Registered Applicants

The List of Registered Applicants shows all the applicants who are registered for the Match. This list is accessible only to institutions and programs that are offering positions in the Match. Applicants do not have access to this information.

To access the List, you are required to log in to the NMS Match System.

Programs must use the 6-digit Match Code Number shown in this list to identify each applicant when submitting their program Rank Order Lists. In cases where two or more applicants have similar names, the school and year of graduation provided in the list for each applicant may assist in identifying the correct Code Number to be used for each applicant. If a program is uncertain about which Code Number to use for an applicant, the program should check with the applicant directly. It is the program's responsibility to ensure that the program Rank Order List submitted for the Match includes the correct Match Code Number for each applicant ranked by the program.

Only applicants who are registered to participate in the Match can be included on a program Rank Order List. If a program wishes to rank an applicant who does not appear in the List, the DME should contact the applicant directly and encourage him or her to register for the Match as soon as possible. The applicant will then be added to this List.