AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program

for Positions Beginning in 2018

Match Results for OPTIs

This page contains important information related to the Match results provided to each OPTI. Please read this page carefully before accessing the Match results for your OPTI.

Access OPTI's Results

Match result reports are provided to an OPTI for each school and institution that belongs to the OPTI and that participated in the Match. Institutions that did not offer positions to applicants through the Match are excluded from each OPTI's list of institutions. The contents of the Match result reports provided for each institution and for each school are described below.

To access the Match result reports for schools and institutions that belong to your OPTI you must select your OPTI from the drop-down list below and enter your OPTI's password (provided to you previously by the AOA), then click on the SUBMIT button.



Post-Match Procedure

Every year, a small number of students fail to match with any of their ranked programs and some programs fail to fill all of their available positions.

It is the responsibility of the students and institutions to negotiate directly with each other during the post-Match period in accordance with the procedures outlined below:

  • Students may contact and interview with institutions accepting applications for their internship and residency positions.
  • Upon reaching a contractual agreement with a student, the institution will provide that student with an institutional contract.
  • Both the student and the representative of the institution must sign the contract. Contracts must be sent to students within 10 working days upon reaching a contractual agreement with the student. Students must also return the contract within 10 working days.

Information on non-matched students is provided to institutions via this web site.

Students seeking positions after the Match have two sources of information on programs with available positions, as described below. Institutions are responsible for updating their program information in each of these sources. Students should check these sources often as programs may choose to update their information at any point during the post-Match period.

  1. A List of Programs with Available Positions is provided on the AOA's web site at free of charge, and students may search that site for advertised positions. If an institution needs assistance posting unfilled positions, contact the AOA Department of Education at or 312-202-8289.

  2. Information on all programs is provided on the AOA's Opportunities web site at, and can be updated by institutions using the access code for that web site previously sent to all DMEs. If you need assistance accessing the Opportunities web site, contact the AOA Department of Education at or 312-202-8289.

If you have any questions about the post-Match procedure, please contact:

Tennille Yancey, Manager, Trainee Services
American Osteopathic Association
142 East Ontario Street
Chicago, IL 60611-2864
Phone: 1-888-626-9262, extension 8068
   or     1-312-202-8068

Match Result Report for an Institution

The first part of the report shows the students matched to the institution. If the institution offered more than one program in the Match, the results are separated by program. For each program, matched students are listed in alphabetical order, and the number of positions offered and filled are shown.

Following the list of students matched to each program, the report for the institution also includes a listing of the Match result for each of the students ranked by the institution. Students are listed in alphabetical order, and the institution and program to which each student matched are shown. Students matched to the institution are highlighted by an asterisk. The information in this report is confidential and should not be distributed or made available to anyone who does not need to know this information.

Any program with unfilled positions after the Match has been included in the List of Programs with Available Positions, which is posted for the use of unmatched students. Information on this list may be updated by programs.

For an institution that has any unfilled positions after the Match, access to information on unmatched applicants is also provided from the institution's result report.

Match Result Report for a School

The report for each school shows the status and outcome of the Match for all its current seniors. In addition, if any previous years' graduates from the school registered for the Match, a separate list of the outcome for these previous graduates is also provided.

For students who were matched, the report shows the institution name, city, state and program type to which the student matched. For students who have obtained a military position, the institution and location of the position are shown. Students who participated in the Match but did not obtain a position are shown as "Not Matched". Students who did not participate in the Match are listed as "Non-Participant".

Access to the AOA's web site for information on programs that participated in the Match but did not fill all their available positions is also provided at the end of each school's report page.