AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program

for Positions Beginning in 2019

Prepare Your Rankings of Programs


Your best strategy is to rank your choices in order of your true preferences, without consideration for how you expect to be ranked by any program. Do not rank any program that you consider unacceptable (i.e., you would not want to be matched to the program, even if it was the only position available to you in the Match).   Read more.

Program Code Numbers

For purposes of the Match, each program is assigned a unique 5-digit Code Number. Since the match will be made based on Code Numbers, make sure the correct 5-digit Code Number is shown for each program on your Rank Order List. You can obtain the Code Number for each program you wish to rank from the program itself, or from the List of Participating Programs available on this web site.   Read more.

OGME-2 Dermatology and Preventive Medicine-Public Health Programs

Preventive Medicine-Public Health programs and some Dermatology programs in the Match provide OGME-2 training starting in 2019. Only applicants who have already completed or are currently in the process of completing their OGME-1 training may rank programs that provide OGME-2 training in 2019. Read more.

Enter and Certify Your Rankings

Rank Order Lists must be entered and certified by January 18, 2019.   Read more.