AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program

for Positions Beginning in 2014

How to Prepare Your Rankings


After you have evaluated all the programs to which you have applied that are participating in the Match, you must determine your order of preference for these programs. Rank your most preferred program first, your next most preferred program second, and so on.

Prior to the Rank Order List deadline, you and the program(s) to which you have applied may express your interest in each other. While voluntary communication of expected rankings is permitted, statements implying or requesting a commitment are prohibited. You must not request information regarding how any program intends to rank you or any other applicant. Similarly a program must not request that you divulge information regarding how you intend to rank any program.

Your Rank Order List should accurately reflect your true program preferences, regardless of how you think the programs will rank you. Applicants need not submit to inappropriate pressures in constructing their Rank Order Lists (e.g., "I'll rank you high only if you rank me high"). Because of the way the matching algorithm works, your best strategy is to rank your choices in order of your true preferences, without consideration for how you expect to be ranked by any program.

You may rank as many programs as you wish. By submitting a longer list of programs, you may reduce the likelihood of being left unmatched; therefore, you should rank all programs participating in the Match to which you have applied and with which you are prepared to accept a position. Regardless of the number of programs you rank, you will be matched to the most preferred program on your list that ranks you and does not fill all its positions with applicants it prefers.

Do not rank any program that you consider unacceptable (i.e., you would not want to be matched to the program, even if it was the only position available to you in the Match). As noted in the Applicant Agreement, the results of the Match are binding. If you are matched to a program you have ranked on your list, you must accept your Match result or face being in breach of contract with the AOA.

Dermatology Residencies

Unlike all other programs offered in the Match (which provide OGME-1 training starting in 2014), the Dermatology programs in the Match provide OGME-2 training starting in 2014. Applicants attempting to match to a Dermatology position must have completed their OGME-1 training prior to the start of the Dermatology residency in 2014. Therefore, only applicants who have already completed or are currently in the process of completing their OGME-1 training may rank Dermatology programs on their Rank Order Lists. For example, an applicant who is graduating in 2014 will not have completed OGME-1 training prior to the start of the Dermatology residency, and therefore may not rank Dermatology programs in the Match.

Program Code Numbers

For purposes of the Match, each program is assigned a unique 5-digit Code Number that must be used to identify the program on your Rank Order List. You can obtain the 5-digit Code Number for each program you wish to rank from the program itself, or from the List of Participating Programs that is available on this web site. The List will be updated when changes occur in program participation; therefore, you are encouraged to consult the List before finalizing your Rank Order List.

In addition, while entering your Rank Order List into the online system, you can search for participating programs and their Code Numbers based on the program type and location.

In the List of Participating Programs on this web site, each program is listed under the institution that is accredited to offer the training. For some Option 2 specialty programs, the OGME-1 preliminary year training takes place at a different institution than the specialty residency training that starts in OGME-2. In these cases, the program is listed under the institution that offers the specialty residency training, and the institution that provides the OGME-1 training is identified as part of the description of the program.

Please note that the 5-digit Code Numbers used to identify programs in the Match are not the same as the code numbers in the online AOA Opportunities database of internship and residency programs or in the ERAS system. When entering your Rank Order List, use only the 5-digit Code Numbers shown in the List of Participating Programs available on this web site, or obtained in a search from within the Rank Order List entry system.

Only programs that are participating in the Match can be included on your Rank Order List. If you wish to rank a program that does not appear in the List of Participating Programs on this web site, contact the institution's Director of Medical Education to determine if the program is participating in the Match, and to obtain the 5-digit Code Number for the program.

In many cases, institutions offer more than one type of program in the Match. In these cases, you must be sure to use the correct 5-digit Code Number(s) for the program(s) you desire when submitting your Rank Order List. If you use a Code Number representing one program at an institution, but you are ranked by the institution on a list for a different program, a match will not be made. Both you and the institution must use the same 5-digit program Code Number for a match to occur. If you need clarification regarding the Code Number to be used for any program, contact the institution's Director of Medical Education directly.

Since the match will be made based on the Code Numbers, make sure you use the correct 5-digit Code Number for each program you wish to rank. This is of particular importance when you are ranking a program from an institution that is offering more than one program in the Match.

Prepare a Worksheet

In order to facilitate the entry of your Rank Order List into the Rank Order List Input and Confirmation (ROLIC) system, consider preparing a worksheet of your rankings before accessing the ROLIC system. The worksheet of your rankings should include the 5-digit Code Number from the List of Participating Programs, as well as the institution name and program description, for each program you wish to rank.

Consider downloading a Sample Worksheet. The worksheet is in Portable Document Format (PDF) format. To view and print this document, you will need the Adobe® Reader®, which can be downloaded for free. If you are unable to download the sample worksheet, please make your own worksheet; use of the sample worksheet provided here is not necessary.

Download Adobe® Reader®    [PDF]

Submission of Rank Order List

Rank Order Lists must be submitted to NMS using the ROLIC system accessible from this web site. The ROLIC system will be available for use by Match participants to enter Rank Order Lists as follows:

ROLIC System Opens For Use: January 8, 2014
Rank Order List Deadline: January 24, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time

Instructions for using the system to submit your Rank Order List are provided in the section on How to Enter Your Rankings. You will note that one of the steps involves certifying the Rank Order List you have entered into the ROLIC system, by indicating that your list is complete and then re-entering your password and clicking the Certify button. This is a critical step, as Rank Order Lists that are not certified will not be used in the Match.

Your Rank Order List can be entered in one or more sessions. However, you are advised to certify your Rank Order List at the end of each session in which you have entered or modified the rankings on your list, rather than returning at a later date to certify your list. Even if you have already certified your information, you can return to make changes any time until the Rank Order List deadline. Whenever you change your Rank Order List, you will have to re-certify your list in order for it to be used in the Match.