AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program

for Positions Beginning in 2018

Prepare Your Rankings of Programs

OGME-2 Dermatology and Preventive Medicine-Public Health Programs

Unlike all other programs offered in the Match (which provide OGME-1 training starting in 2018), Preventive Medicine-Public Health programs and some Dermatology programs in the Match provide OGME-2 training starting in 2018. Applicants attempting to match to a Preventive Medicine-Public Health position or an OGME-2 Dermatology position that starts in 2018 must have completed their OGME-1 training prior to the start of the residency in 2018.

Therefore, only applicants who have already completed or are currently in the process of completing their OGME-1 training may rank Preventive Medicine-Public Health programs and/or Dermatology programs offereing OGME-2 positions in 2018. For example, an applicant who is graduating in 2018 will not have completed OGME-1 training prior to the start of the OGME-2 Dermatology and/or Preventive Medicine-Public Health program, and the therefore may not rank those OGME-2 programs in the Match.