AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program

for Positions Beginning in 2019

Schedule of Dates
June 2018Beginning in June, students can register for the AOA Intern/Resident Registration Program (the "Match") online via this web site.
July 5, 2018 -
January 18, 2019
Applicants register with the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) directly to apply to participating training programs. Programs receive applications and interview students independently of the Match. Application deadlines for programs vary; therefore, students should check with programs regarding their deadline dates.1
July 2018 - September 2018Each institution that offers AOA-accredited OGME-1 internship or residency positions, or OGME-2 Dermatology or Preventive Medicine-Public Health positions, that begin training in 2019 must provide to National Matching Services Inc. information on its program(s) for the Match.
November 1, 2018Recommended date by which students should register for the Match.

By this date, a list of programs participating in the Match will be available on this web site.
November 20, 2018By this date, instructions for submitting Rank Order Lists and obtaining Match results will be available to students and programs registered to participate in the Match.
January 8, 2019Match participants may begin to submit Rank Order Lists for the Match on this date.
January 18, 2019Rank Order List Deadline: Final date for submission of student and program Rank Order Lists. No Rank Order Lists or registrations for the Match can be accepted after this date.
February 4, 2019Results of the Match are released to all participants in the Match (students and institutions), as well as to the colleges of osteopathic medicine and OPTIs.

Institutions must complete an institutional contract for each matched student, and send it within 10 working days after receipt of the Match results to the student for signature. Each matched student must sign and return the contract to the institution within 30 days after receiving the contract from the institution.

Beginning at 12:00 p.m. noon ET on this date, students who did not match to a position and programs with positions available may contact each other in order to fill available positions.

1Updated: July 6, 2018